Some setup is required in order for Bing Pong to run multiple accounts, do mobile searches automatically, and more. When your browser is not set up to take full advantage of Bing Pong, unavailable features will appear grayed out as shown in the following image:

To take full advantage of Bing Pong's features, you will need to install our browser extension Bing Pong Helper. It is currently available for desktop Chrome and Firefox, and can be installed by clicking on the button within Bing Pong. After installing, the Bing Pong page will refresh and all options will become available. You are limited to running six Microsoft Rewards accounts with the free version of Bing Pong. To lift this restriction, you will need to purchase a Bing Pong Helper license. After installing Bing Pong Helper, you will notice that you will be unable to change the number of searches you can do since the search options now show:

This is normal, as when Bing Pong Helper is installed Bing Pong will simply detect the number of desktop and mobile searches it needs to do. At this point, running Bing Pong will get all of your desktop and mobile credits without any further configuration.